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Trash Management

North Bali Eco Hub seeks to build cooperation between waste management groups or TPS3R managed by the Village Government and facilitate management education, assist in raising funds for quality waste management so that they become independent groups in financing their activities in the future, and mutual share information in community-based waste management.

Environmental Conservation

There are many coastal community groups in the North Bali region that carry out marine waters conservation activities that need to put their activities together through the fabric of communication and cooperation, so that the good impact can be realized more quickly, therefore the North Bali Eco Hub was established to accommodate groups these groups in establishing cooperation.


In the management of natural resources with the concept of sustainability in accordance with local wisdom, it is necessary to develop competent human resources through expertise education and character building that is aware of environmental sustainability, North Bali Eco Hub in collaboration with educational institutions facilitates the educational facilities to the community.

Democratic Economy

A strong community economic life will encourage acceleration of awareness towards sustainable management of natural resources, North Bali Eco Hub collects data on creative economic community groups and facilitates their production results in marketing collaboration with the concept of openness and mutual benefit in an effort to improve the level of welfare of the community .

Economic Agriculture

Agriculture is the spirit of Balinese socio-culture in general, and in the context of developing environmental sustainability cannot be separated from such agricultural activities as a source of community food security. Bali North Eco Hub strives to collaborate with farmer groups and other organizations such as foundations that have unidirectional activities in developing environmentally friendly organic agriculture.


The North Bali region has the potential for attractive natural and cultural tourism, which must continue to develop its governance while maintaining environmental sustainability in accordance with the principle of sustainability so that the tourism industry sector will become an additional activity that can provide economic benefits for the community.

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