About us

Let me tell you about our history


To create a collective platform for all clean & green sustainable groups to work upon and exchange information


Build a website and create a registry to accumulate data

Network with those pro-active and encourage them to display their calendar and scheduled events

Make all data readily accessible

Create a collaborative culture

Our Foundation

We are an environmental group and our objective is to build a directory of information to use as a platform for the development of the eco-friendly population of Bali.

By using virtual technology we can promote an instant exchange of information with colleagues regardless of distance. In doing so we are nurturing a collective mindset for all involved or wanting to be part of our Bali Eco HUB.

Our website headquarters will be designed to improve communication, increase the exchange of ideas, and create a sense of community among all staff and members. Our virtual ‘Google’ map of Bali will provide an open layout so that everyone can feel connected. As we build bridges we can invite everyone to be part of each event and create a team culture. The idea is that we all become not only colleagues but friends and share time and work together. Within the management of the HUB we want to build very strong social relationships, a solid basis for collaborative activity that allows us to accomplish tasks quickly.

This HUB is a united movement to create mutual benefit providing growth opportunities, reduced costs, increased productivity, labour opportunities and increase profitability, all the while creating awareness and ownership of issues which remain everybody’s responsibility.

Membership of the group will be based on members achieving a certain eco criteria. Benefits of group membership should include visiblity and transparency, we intend to be overt, welcoming, informative and educational.

The goal is to build a vehicle to help distribute ‘up to date’ knowledge. I for one have questions everyday regarding the Indonesian environment. To be able to find quick, specified answers in a well structured directory website, an information highway, can only help people consolidate with all other groups already using the same source. Whilst they are surfing the platform they will have everything they need to help them with their inquiry. In doing so they will automatically become part of our Island Green movement, our ‘Bali Sustainability HUB’.

Eventually we want the HUB to work as a source of reference for all levels of society, industry, and government. We want to be able to promote and help recommend through our broad, collective knowledge, solutions to Bali’s sustainability problems.

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