On Friday 5 June 2020, a solid waste management cooperation agreement was signed between the BUMDES Bondalem Sejahtera and the Bondalem Eco Village Community Group at the Bondalem Sejahtera BUMDES Office. The signing was carried out by representatives of the two parties who agreed, namely Ketut Parthayasa, SE as Director of BUMDES Bondalem Sejahtera and from group representatives namely Kadek Ada Maja, SE as Project Manager of the work program that was launched by the Bondalem Eco Village Community Group.

In accordance with the presentation of Kadek Ada Maja SE, that this collaboration aims to improve the function and role of TPS3R Buana Muda Bondalem in carrying out the management and processing of waste produced by the people of Bondalem Village in order to realize one of the Bondalem Village development missions namely creating a Bondalem Village environment that clean and healthy.
Kadek Ada Maja, SE said “The purpose of this cooperation agreement, is to create a waste management governance in TPS3R Buana Muda Bondalem to be better and more effective in its management”
Later BUMDES Bondalem Sejahtera, through its employees in the TPST Business Unit, will focus on providing excellent service in the collection and transportation of waste to its customers and workers from the Bondalem Eco Village Community Group.
tasked with processing organic waste into compost and making non organic waste more economic value.
The signing of the cooperation agreement was carried out with the permission of the Head of Bondalem Village, Mr Ngurah Gede Sadu Adnyana, as well as witnessed by members of the Bondalem Eco Village Community Group namely Mrs. Lies Wirawan and Mr. Nyoman Sugiartha.
Kadek Ada Maja, SE also said that the funds for waste management in Buana Muda Bondalem TPS3R which he manages, are sourced from international non-profit organizations namely Waste Aid and ROLE Foundation.

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